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HealthandBeauty 102 is a health and wellness solution designed to help you make excellent lifestyle changes and become a totally Healthy person from the inside out.

At HealthandBeauty 102, we have specific solutions designed for your specific needs to a healthy lifestyle of living that enables you live a life free of disease and ailment by empowering you body immune system to rejuvenate and heal itself, making you look your best. One of the many ways we help you take control of your health is showing you how to overcome cravings. We teach on how to get your cravings under control without deprivation, dieting or denial. We guide you into recognizing how your body system and metabolism works.


Our focus.

We are a Health & Wellness Center obsessed with helping you discover the best you! At HealthandBeauty 102, we have created solutions made specifically for your needs so that you can start feeling better, living better & looking your absolute best.

Our Mission

To enhance quality of life by helping individuals to live healthy and stay healthy.

Our Vision

To promote physical, emotional, mental and social health.

Our Objective

To promote a healthy mindset, habit and lifestyle in the lives of all our clients.

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Our team.

We understand your needs and provide quality services.
Sandra Okocha

Founder & CEO. Certified Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach

Boye Abe

Men's Health Consultant

Marissa Adams

Lead Developer

Jennifer Gilmore



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HnB102 in detail

We understand your body requirements and we are here to help shape and adjust your lifestyle to suit your body and health needs just the way the body needs it...

Super Excellent at our Job

Health and Beauty 102 will teach and show you how to EAT your way into Health from any Ailment. Giving you Training to cook and eat healthy meal accessible to your locality.

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Optimized For Result

Health and Beauty 102 adapts to any personality and always delivers a great customer experience. We also optimized our services for effective result, helping you remain on Health good side.


100% Organic

Everything we do is base on Food Nutritional Therapy. We start with food and end with food. 

You can use our therapy along side any medication because there are no side effects…



Fast Metabolic Absorption-ready

The method and approach used in Health and Beauty 102 is structured in a way that the body systems understands and appreciates, thus helping the healing site recover fast and completely. It’s also compatible with your lifestyle and personality.

Weight Management Packs


Hypertension Pack


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Reviews from Some of our satisfied Client and I can't wait to add yours on our Testimonial wall.

I want to say a very big thank you for insisting I use the ‘Lean You Therapy’ and for always checking up on me during the period.
Guess what I lost almost 10kg in 30 days… Can you beat that? I was not even really on a proper diet, I have to confess.

John Doe



Why Select Us?

Health and Beauty 102 is the place to be if you want to enjoy life in health and be forever young.
Live Free of Today's Ailments

Success in customer satisfaction rate and widely knowledgeable in what we do… We do the Talk and Walk the walk. 

Unlimited Referrals

In the aspect of Prostate Enlargement we have been able to reverse over 1000 cases and taken our awareness campaign to over 5000 men in Nigeria and across other parts of the world with the help of digital technology, series of TV and radio platforms.

Professional services

You can never get it wrong with your health in the hands of our Professional and Certified team in holistic Health Therapy.

Strict Deadline

when it comes to service delivery, we have a very strict deadline protocol and it has been our mode of operation for years and even doing more to make it better.


In Health and Beauty 102 our name and reputation is priority to us, so our services and customer relation is top to none. We have been opportune to partner with some big organisation like RCCG, Old Boys and Old Girls Association Kaduna, TV houses to mention but a few.


Our Blog

We simplify health challenges and the solutions to you in a layman's terms with easy illustration to understand. Our objective is to keep you healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

The Secret Of Not Adding Some Extra Kg During This Festive Season!!

Do you know that the average weight gain for the season is 10 pounds according to survey? So what can you do to avoid weight gain of an extra 10 pounds, enjoy Christmas and be proud of yourself?

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Keeping you healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

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