HealthandBeauty 102 is a health and wellness solution designed to help you make excellent lifestyle changes and become totally Healthy from the inside out. At HealthandBeauty 102, we have specific solutions designed for your specific needs to a healthy lifestyle of living that enables you live a live free of disease and ailment by empowering you body immune system to rejuvenate and heal itself making you look your best. One of the many ways we help you take control of your health is showing you how to overcome cravings. We teach on how to get your cravings under control without deprivation, dieting or denial. We guide you into recognizing how your body system and metabolism works.

We have set out a passionate mission to help enhance quality of life by helping our clients live healthy and stay healthy. We do all we can to promote physical, emotional, mental and social health. Our mission is to use our resources, our talents & our expertise to promote a healthy mindset, habit and lifestyle.

The HealthandBeauty 102 Company was founded in 2013, and has been providing quality services to the public ever since. Located in Lagos, Nigeria.


Sandra Okocha is a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and a Nutritionist. Sandra is our Company Founder.
Boye Abe is a life-coach and experienced counselor with a wealth of experience in Men's Health especially the Prostate and Sexual Health of men and also a business entrepreneurial coach.


Sandra Okocha is a Certified  Health & Wellness Coach and also a nutritionist.

Sandra became passionate about helping people regain their health after seeing the struggles of many to overcome health issues, bad eating habits, low self-esteem, tired syndrome, weight problems and lack of energy. Having watch my mum suffer High Blood Pressure and I helped her overcame it. I have been able to maintained a healthy weight after 2 children myself for years and it has helped me to understand the importance of lifestyle changes.

I combines my nutrition education with personal experience to help people make better choices. I received my training at NewUnow university of Nutrition, HOUSTON. TEXAS where I studied dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. I am also certified by the Renowned Pastor Tony Akinyemi RAF.  In addition, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and a Diploma in Healthy Cooking, Public Speaking, Digital Entrepreneur etc.