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What is Iron deficiency?

February 16, 2019

Iron deficiency is when there is not enough iron in the blood. It can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness, among many others. Iron is a mineral that is vital for many bodily functions. It supports the transportation of oxygen in the blood. It is also essential for the correct development and functioning […]

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January 31, 2019

Intro… Mrs Loko: discussing with hubby about her plan for tomorrow being Monday. Phone ringing: Mrs Loko picks up her phone, the voice at the other end sounds desperate The voice: dad just slumped and we have rushed him to the hospital now, the doctor said he had stroke. Mrs Loko: scream What! When? how […]

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Detoxification brings healthy gut

January 19, 2019

No matter how strong or powerful a drug can be you won’t get a quick and total healing from disease/sickness, if your gut/colon is dirty, filled with fecal matter…

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9 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

January 14, 2019

1. You Battle Breakouts If you’re not getting good sleep, your skin may soon show it. Some studies have found a link between a lack of ZZZs and acne, perhaps related to how sleep controls hormones in your body. Sleep deprivation also hurts the immune system, leaving your body open to many different issues. 2. […]

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Heart Failure in Women; Walking has been Linked to Lowering the Risk

January 7, 2019

The research adds to growing evidence that lifestyle changes can help ward off a condition that affects 6.5 million adults. Lace up those sneakers! A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that walking for at least 40 minutes two to three times each week — at an average to fast pace — […]

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Give your joy stick a boost to stand up with confidence; Be A Man for Life

December 6, 2018

 “THE OTHER ROOM” MATTERS; THE BEST GIFT FOR YOUR SPOUSE THIS HOLIDAY!!!                 BE A MAN FOR LIFE. According to The S3*xual Well Being Global Survey (SWGS) involved 26,032 respondents worldwide from  26 countries.   S3x is important to people. Whether this happens in the bedroom or elsewhere. S3*xual activity is […]

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Is there really a Cure for any disease?

November 10, 2018

Is there really a Cure for any disease? 🤔 To say “Yes” can be a difficult thing from people’s recent experiences and to answer a “No”, that may be easily accepted due to many incurable ailments out there. Let’s examine the Yes first. For instance, someone with malaria who was treated with anti-malaria got better […]

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10 Diet Rules to Reduce Fibroids Growth

October 22, 2018

10 Diet Rules to Reduce Fibroids Growth It’s a frightening STATISTICS: One study found that between 80% and 90% of African American women and 70% of white women will develop fibroids by age 50. That’s a lot of women with this problem, isn’t it? And yet most women are not aware of these statistics. Another surprising study […]

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Your Sugar Habit Could Literally Be Damaging Your Brain

September 29, 2018

    Your Sugar Habit Could Literally Be Damaging Your Brain Today’s post will be talking about how Your Sugar Habit Could Literally Be Damaging Your Brain If your New Year’s resolution was to cut down on your sugar consumption, you’re on to a good thing. And your brain will thank you. The adverse effects […]

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7 Signs Your Gut Is Out of Whack, Even If Your Stomach Feels Fine

September 9, 2018

7 Signs Your Gut Is Out of Whack, Even If Your Stomach Feels Fine Gut health is a trending topic, and in recent years one of the most studied among scientists. Research shows that the health (or lack thereof) of your gut microbiome influences, for better or for worse, numerous body functions, as well as […]

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