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Mr. Kenneth Onwe almost lost his bedroom GROOVE and marriage to an enlarged prostate.

Not prostate cancer, just a “benign condition” enlarged prostate.

He agreed to share his story in the hope that many with similar condition will not have to suffer the same way he did.

I am a 41-year-old native of Ebonyi state, a banker by profession, married to a beautiful lady who also happens to be a banker.

We have been resident in Lagos for the past 8 years.

I started noticing urination problems that suggest that my urine stream had gotten weaker.

I was forced to get up frequently at night to use the toilet.

Seeing that myself and my wife were both bankers based in Lagos, there was a need to wake up very

early in the morning (Mondays through Fridays) to prepare for work.


This became very stressful considering that we always got home very late because of the very notorious “Lagos Traffic”.

We had to agree that I should be sleeping in the living room to prevent me from waking my wife every time I got up to urinate.


I started waking up at least three to four times at night to urinate; even though I suspected there was a

problem, I did not act until my wife insisted I go see a specialist.

After weeks of resistance, I eventually saw a specialist who conducted a comprehensive test and gave

me the “bad news”… I had  Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged


When I got the news like a million thoughts ran through my mind at the same time… Prostate Cancer…

Operation… Impotency… The big man down there (you know what I mean)… My wife… my life…my job etc…

I later got to know that men who have pot belly, arthritis or even diabetes are more prone to developing

prostate cancer than the average person.

I was treated for an enlarged prostate without going under the knife, unfortunately, it did not work for me

because just a few weeks later, I started having painful ejaculations, pain in my prostate region and a

major drop in my manly performance.

It was back to “status quo” for me as I still could not perform my duties (kerewa) as I should; it was

causing a major strain on my marriage.

I refused to go back to the Hospital because I had heard of the side effects of surgery.

I went on to manage the situation for the next three years until I met with a customer in the bank

that showed me a Proven Solution that turned my life around in just three weeks with absolutely no

side effects…

Now I am a “Man” again and my wife told me just recently that she feels like a newlywed…

Which is why I needed to get the word out for everyone to know about this amazing Proven solution

that has helped to revitalize my life and brought back my GIG with my wife.

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