Is there really a Cure for any disease?

Is there really a Cure for any disease? ?

To say “Yes” can be a difficult thing from people’s recent experiences and to answer a “No”, that may be

easily accepted due to many incurable ailments out there.

Let’s examine the Yes first.

For instance, someone with malaria who was treated with anti-malaria got better after some few days.

Same goes for a viral infection like Hepatitis.

Was he cured of the malaria or infection? Yes.

After some few weeks or months he’s down with the same malaria or infection again.

Was he really Cured? No.

Let’s go more Chronic.

Let’s take a heart problem for an example – high blood pressure. He had a terrible lifestyle, always stressed,

takes lot of alcohol, sleeps little and eat lot of salty or spicy foods and little fruits and vegetables with plenty meat and less water.

He was placed on medication and change of diet and lifestyle.

And after some months he’s blood pressure got stable and he was doing very fine and happy.

Was he cured? Yes.

Few months later he resumed his old lifestyle and got knocked down again.

Was he really Cured? No.

Here’s another common example I hope many can relate with especially females.

Here’s is a lady with a normal female lifestyle. Eats a lot of junks – more fast foods than raw (green foods).

Always with menstrual pains and ended up with fibroid after some years.

She finally took an operation and the normal hormonal treat was given. Finally, life went back to normal, feeling fly and beautiful again.

Was she Cured? Yes.

To her surprise contrary to what her doctor told her, these pains came back again and she was diagnosed for another fibroid.

Was she really Cured? No.

Now enough of the stories.

Is there really a Cure? Yes.

Looking at the way your body is structured.

Cell is the “basic” unit of life. Meaning the most important, foundation and fundamental for existence of any living organism.

Cells come together to form tissues like muscles.

Tissues come together and form organs like pancreas, ovary, lungs, heart, brain etc.

Organs form systems like reproductive (womb), respiratory, circulatory etc. and Systems coming together becomes You.

If the cells are sick, looking at the analysis above, the whole structure from the cells up to the entire body must be sick too.

What’s sickness or disease?

The cells require some certain nutrient, minerals and phytochemical components to perform well which is gotten from the environment –

Good food, air and water.

And without sufficient amount of these nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals, the body enters a state called sickness or disease.

From good food rich in all these components, the cells are able to produces, repair and regenerate new and

healthy cells to help the body repair and correct any worn out part in the body,

so the body is able to produce it’s own spare parts.

Scientists discovered that the best way to regulate the activity of the cells is through good organic food supplements.

Without these components your body can’t make good use of the food, water and air you take in and that’s called disease . No wonder the deficiency of some nutrients has been linked to almost all diseases known to science.

A lot of people worry about curing a disease whereas your utmost concern should be the health of your cells.

The best way to check whether you’re healthy or not is the state of your cells which is directly proportional to the state your immune system.

Good Food supplements keeps your immune system in check, a sign that your cells are healthy.

Now you know the reason why you are sick.

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