How My high blood pressure vanished when I did a  SWITCH from the Regular hypertension drugs to a FOOD NUTRITIONAL THERAPY

"High Blood Pressure The Number One Killer In Nigeria"

DISCOVER How To Permanently Cure High Blood Pressure and Hypertension With

 Natural NUTRITIONAL Remedies.

ATTENTION! If You Are Battling With High Blood Pressure, Then This Will Be the Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read…


Dear Friend,

Have you been battling with High Blood pressure `a.k.a hypertension?

Have you been told a lie that hypertension is incurable and that you have to continue using medications for the rest of your life?

Are you looking for a solution to HYPERTENSION that is Effective, Safe And Without Any Side Effects?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then today is your lucky day.

Because I am about to debunk the lies of the multi-Billion Dollar drug companies and reveal why they don’t want you to know the truth about High Blood pressure.

The truth is, they need you to continue buying their expensive, dangerous and risky drugs to maintain their high profit.

My dear, it is all about the money - yes cool hard cash

I am a living witness...

My mum battled HBP for over five years. She was placed permanently on very expensive drugs like Amlodipine (Amlodipine 5mg or Amlodipine 10mg).

But this powerful drug gradually wrecked her system. Though she experienced temporal relief, her continued use of the drug resulted in other complications...


She experienced symptoms like:

• Dizziness

  •  Joint pains,
  • stomach ulcer,
  • frequent urination, 

• Insomnia (sleeplessness)

• Pounding heartbeats or fluttering in her chest

• Chest pain or heavy feeling.

• Feelings like something is moving around her chest

• Pain spreading to the arm or shoulder

• Nausea

• Excessive sweating

• Feeling like she might pass out

• Swelling in her hands, ankles, or feet.


The bottom line is:



High Blood pressure Can Be Reversed, Corrected and Cured...


After all my Researches and findings I discovered a lot of other health challenges related to HYPERTENSION...

Do you know that High Blood Pressure can cause Erectile Dysfunction if left untreated?

Even worse;

The medication used to manage Hypertension can also impair sexual function and cause Erectile Dysfunction.

For some men these dangerous drugs damage the lining of blood vessels and cause arteries to harden and narrow (atherosclerosis), limiting blood flow.

The decreased blood flow makes it difficult to achieve and maintain erections — often referred to as erectile dysfunction.

For women, it can reduce blood flow to the vagina.

This leads to a decrease in sexual desire or arousal, vaginal dryness, or difficulty achieving orgasm.

If you are not already suffering sexual dysfunction, the next time you visit the hospital try and discuss with other hypertensive patients that have been on blood pressure lowering drugs for up to a year and above.

By the time you talk with 5 people, I am sure 3 of them will confirm they have sexual dysfunction.

In the course of my research, I stumbled on the result of a research from a University in America. A study by researchers at the Department of Physiology, Georgia Health Sciences University, in Augusta, Georgia.

They found that approximately 30 percent of men with hypertension complain of erectile dysfunction.

And here is a quote from a leading authority in the field of High Blood pressure management “Blood pressure can be kept under control naturally using Herbal Supplements. High blood pressure is almost non-existent in non-Westernized countries like Japan and China. Drugs don’t do it.”…JOEL FUHRMAN, M.D.

According to current statistics:

45% of deaths in Nigeria is due to heart diseases

51% of death is due to stroke globally

46% of adult ages 25 years and above has the highest prevalence of high blood pressure according to W.H.O

High blood pressure affects at least one in three men and one in four women

66% percent heart attack sufferers and 77% of stroke sufferers are due to blood pressure higher than 140/90 mm Hg.

Please Don’t Become Another Statistic Of These Epidemics.

Take responsibility for your own life today!



How would you like to try my HYPERTENSION Relief Program? And would you like to use it without ANY fear, risk or side effect?


Our HYPERTENSION Relief Program is a Nutritional food Supplement Pack that helps you maintain your Heart Health and Wellness, keeping it in the normal pressure and keeping the arteries clean and clear of Plaque blockage.

It promotes a free flow of blood from the heart through the arteries to the extremities. It is 100% Natural, made strictly from natural ingredients, no chemical additives at all.

It has No side effects rather, it improves your general health while detoxifying your body and getting rid of free radicals.


I want you to imagine a life where you never have to worry about High Blood Pressure problems or living with the fear of a heart attack, Stroke, or Erectile Dysfunction because of High Blood Pressure?

With this Natural Solution, your days of battling with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE or HEART-RELATED ISSUES  are over.

In all seriousness... think about what this can do for you...

Can you imagine how good it feels to actually know you no longer have to worry about your Blood Pressure, knowing you are completely free, healthy and safe?

It's the embodiment of FREEDOM & RELIEF!!! FINALLY!!


“What Then Is The Solution You May Ask”

Finally ...





To Help Correct And Normalise Your Blood Pressure, To Stop Frequent Headaches, weakness, and Insomnia, To Tackle Clogged Arteries And To Increase circulation of blood and Nutrients to the extremities...


This natural therapy offers a 100% safe and powerful treatment for correcting any heart disease.

This pioneering remedy is the outcome of countless studies conducted over the past Four decades by teams of internationally-respected scientists and cardiovascular health specialists. As a result, thousands of people who were once in your EXACT same situation are now living healthy and sharing their Testimony.

Natural Therapy   |    100% Safe   |   No Side Effects

Here is our  Hypertension Relief Program Pack

Our nutritional supplement products are made from the finest ingredients, grown or collected from the best sources and produced with the most advanced technology. Each product retains its original nutritional value, encouraging both good health and peace of mind.


It contains Nutritional supplements and it comes in the  HBP PREVENTION PACK, MAINTAINANCE PACK,  CORRECTION PACK and THE FULL SAVE A HEART PACK that does the following:

For many centuries, people all around the world have used aloe vera for its health benefits. 

It is also essential for maintaining the proper function of the immune system, Reduces inflammation, redness, pain, headaches, and swelling. 

This is a strong detoxifier which ensures that nutrients from the foods we eat are absorbed into the bloodstream.

  •  This is a pack of Nutritional Therapeutic supplements that help to lower the effect of hypertension and also help in reducing the blood sugar level in the system.
  • It helps to unblock your blood vessels making it easy for blood flow to the heart.
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health by cleaning the heart and arteries hence lowering the risk of heart disease.

When you combine our Nutritional Food Therapy selection, the results is a gradual and continuous normalization of your Blood Pressure.

As you start to use it, you will start noticing changes in your body system and you will also be astonished at how far you would have gone in helping to rid yourself of hypertension.

And over time, you will literally have to stop taking those conventional medications as these natural supplements will be performing way better than the industrial chemically produced synthetic drugs.

NOTE: These supplements have No Side Effects. No chemical components at all.

Moreover, these products have the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews.)

The Jews don’t take anything that isn’t 100% natural.

In fact, they don’t even take bread with yeast! They believe in no additives.

It also has other seals including the Halal and Islamic seals. (These are Seals of the highest form of purity including our own NAFDAC in Nigeria).


"I am doing really awesome now. The constant pain in my chest has reduced. I check my Blood pressure this morning and it was very normal. I would recommend anyone suffering from either high blood pressure or hypertension to you ma'am. forever products work. 
- Keji Olabanji – Lagos

More Benefits of Our Save a Heart Packs ...

    • Optimizes Essential Fatty Acids and regulates blood pressure.
    • Promotes Cardiovascular Health by cleaning the heart and arteries hence lowering the risk of heart disease.
    • It helps greatly in problems associated with the memory, especially learning difficulties
    • Helps circulate blood to extremities thereby taking care of tingling sensations in the legs and hands
    • It increases libido & sperm production in men and It is good for Arthritis
    • It Supports healthy nervous system function. It strengthens the muscles in conditions such as stroke and aids recovery
    • It helps greatly in problems associated with the memory, especially learning difficulties
      And Many More ...

 Below Are Testimonies of Other High Blood Pressure Patients Who Have Used Our

Nutritional Food Supplements Therapy.


Here is another Testimonial


 What Actual Customers Are Saying… 

My family Doctor at the Federal Medical Center in Owerri told me that I would never be able to live a normal life again due to High Blood pressure. 

And he also mentioned that it will NEVER get cured, that I had to live with it for life. 

But when I was introduced to this Miraculous herbal Combination and I used it for just 30 days, my Life changed. I was at a clinic yesterday to check my blood pressure and the result was very ok. 

Thank you, My Health Consultant. 

-Emaka Obasi Owerri, Imo state 

There are countless other testimonials in my email box. All of these proove that the Save A Heart pack is very effective, healthy and life saving.


Some Special Bonuses For FREE!


In addition to your Hypertension Pack, we will give you a Meal Plan to support the Therapy.

We will be with you all through the program to ensure COMPLETE healing...

You will be added to our weekly online health Presentation platform where we will be giving HEALTH TIPS and also teach you how to live a healthy Lifestyle... 'it's a members-only forum'.

You will have full access to our support helpdesk for our clients.


 “Okay, I’m Convinced! But How Much is This Going To Cost Me To Get it Delivered to my doorstep?” 

What Is The Cost Of Getting This?


Question is how Much Can You Pay For These Natural Nutritional Food Supplements That Will End Your Pain Once And For All?

Some people would gladly pay a fortune because of the devastating impact of HBP in their family.

And just think about the time and money you may have already wasted on conventional drugs, and other nonsense…

But the good news is, I know what you’re going through…

I know you have spent a lot on drugs that don’t work... But that stops NOW!!!

You can get our Nutritional Food Supplements at the following prices:






You get to save instant Combo Discount of N5000+ getting this special discount offer for the one month supply  

(to correct HBP, Stop a Heart Attack and Erectile dysfunction) 3in1

(exclusive of Delivery charge) 

Every order comes with a free mystery gift Worth #3000

for the first 20 purchase


We Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose!

Place Your Order Now!!!

Follow the instructions below to place your order:

Send the Keyword “HBP Relief Program” with the  below Information:

1. Your Name
2. Detailed Delivery Address (L.G.A & State)
3. Phone Number (provide if available)

Send as SMS or WhatsApp msg To: 234 908 477 7000|234 908 5777000

NOTE: Your address Must Include your State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by the courier agent that will come around to deliver to you. 

E.G HYPERTENSION RELIEF PROGRAM, MUSA, No 21, Opeoluwa Street, Ikorodu North LGA, Lagos 

Our agent will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you.

Do please respond to our SMS as soon as you receive it.

Kindly ensure you add either N2000 to the amount if you live in Lagos or N4000 if you live outside Lagos to cover the delivery cost of the pack that will be sent to you.

 cash on delivery only applies to Lagos State Residents

You should consider this... Your Heart Didn't Take permission from You to Start beating (to give You Life) And It Definitely will Not ask Your Permission to Stop BEATING (To KILL you)...

order now

thank you, my health consultant for helping me turn my life around. In just thirty days I have already realized better-eating habits, weight loss, more energy & focus and a greater understanding of how God intends us all to live. Thank you for your research and up to date information that confirms your analysis... I also want to specially thank you for the constant calls to check up on me (that I like to call  the "ward-round"). After 68 years I'm finally learning how to eat to live in health. Your Total Health Supplements are very beneficial - thank you!

Bar.  Jude  (Asokoro,  Abuja)


If you have any question about this outside the information given on this website already, Kindly put a voice call, text or WhatsApp across to 234 908 477 7000|234 908 577 7000

Your Health Consultant


Health and Beauty 102.


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