How I almost lost my closest friend to Sickle cell just 4 weeks to her wedding ...

I am sharing these true-life stories with a lot of excitement because hope has finally come for people living with sickle cell anaemia...

Loveth Priye Brown is the name of my friend, she is more like a twin sister to me because we were born on thesame day, at thesame hospital, but from different parents.

Both our moms became friends on the day of our delivery; funny right? we grew up together for 15years of our lives and got separeted due to my father's job transfer.

After 16 long years of long distance communication we finally got "reunited" when she also moved to Lagos, Nigeria.

I was married then with 3 kids but she wasn't mainly because of her predicament (suffering from sickle cell anaemia) which caused a delay in her getting married.

Nevertheless, she was finally going to get married soon, even though he is not the guy she really wanted because of the SS and AS issues, she told me in confidence.

Let's cut the story short, just few weeks to her wedding without any prior notice, she started having crisis that was more severe than what she had ever experienced. 

The doctor said it's due to oxidative and wedding preparation stress; The bad news was that she had a 20% chance of survival.

As a regular Nigerian we started praying and fasting contacting every pastor and prayer warrior we knew to join us in prayer for her life.

Later that night, the nurse on shift told us about a solution she knew might save my friend's life; at that moment we were ready to buy just about anything that could save her.

So without thinking twice we asked the nurse to bring it and she did...

We started administring it to her as prescribed by the Nurse and Just as she said, we started noticing some positive changes after about  6 - 7 days and the progress continued.

After 10 days, the doctors allowed us to leave the hospital and my friend eventaually had a very successful wedding.

She came visiting 2 weeks ago with her husband and their adorable daughter and told me she has experienced a total and complete transformation in her health life. She has never had any form of crisis for the past two years or even gone to the hospital except on account of herpregnancy and baby delivery.

She calls it the MIRACLE PILL. 

Another Testimony from a doctor friend of mine...

My name is Tanbari Femi Oluwole, I am a medical doctor and I have seen amazing things being done by this special Proven formula that was introduced to me by a colleague of mine.

 I am currently a GP in private practice and I have been practising for over 5 years now and in those 5 years I had seen different patients; adults, children, pregnant women, men and I have offered this special Proven formula to a number of those clients;

One of which was a 22-year-old sickle cell patient whose mother had come to see me that she (her daughter) kept having crisis while she was in school.

I offered her the same special  Proven formula, and I explained to her that oxidative stress can cause sickle cell crisis. She took the formula while she was in school and amazingly she didn't have any crisis throughout that semester.

That was just fantastic for me...

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