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Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment

The sickle cell anemia treatment of boosting glutathione is not new. Few studies look at the direct connection of boosting blood by boosting glutathione.

Much of the evidence is available in the studies where blood counts were taken.

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment with Cysteine


Anemic patients who take various types of cysteine will typically have an increase in blood counts. There is a relationship between the intake of glutathione (cellgevity)  and the rise in blood counts.

A 1998 study found in Blood points to an interesting result of boosting glutathione. It caused a significant.... conversion of irreversibly sickled cells back into biconcave shape. It was also shown that the glutathione (cellgevity) reduced the formation of dense cells.

Could this be a sickle cell anemia treatment for those who, facing a crisis, do not want the side effects, dangers or complications associated with blood transfusions

Before looking at the sickle cell anemia treatment, first an overview of...

What is Sickle Cell Anemia?

Sickle cell anemia is a blood disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is believed that there is no specific cure for everyone but...

Typically the symptoms and complications are treated. For some, bone marrow transplants may offer a cure. This is not for everyone.

 The symptoms of sickle cell anemia vary from person to person. Some face chronic pain and or tiredness.

The traditional way of managing Sickle cell anaemia is pain treatment and it includes over the counter medicines and heating pads and increasing fluid intake.

The most common pain medication is acetaminophen and most of these drugs has huge side effects that can lead to kidney or liver problems.

Note In view of the above study it might be prudent to rethink this one.

Since acetaminophen depletes glutathione and the study found that depleting glutathione resulted in a significant increase in thickening, it may not be the best choice of pain reliever.


In this regard, boosting your glutathione level is also an effective way to decrease pain. 

The cellgevity Glutathione Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment

Do a search on Glutathione and Sickle Cell Anemia or any of the related complications and as the study above indicates, there is a beneficial connection when the glutathione is boosted.

 This medical breakthrough Technology solution has successfully given a positive and life-changing result to thousands of people around the world with outstanding testimonies.

 It is known as Glutathione, it is produced naturally by the liver but also found in fruits, vegetables and meats.

It has been used in the treatment of diseases that weaken the body’s defence system—hepatitis, AIDS-preventing ageing and treating alcoholism.

Sickle Cell Anaemia patients face the regular depletion of glutathione.

Glutathione helps in reducing the production of dense cells, When this happens, you improve the clinical status of the patient because you are reducing vaso-occlusion, which is what causes crisis [in sickle cell anaemia patients].

Without the crisis, they will not have organ failure or the complication that results from the crisis.  It has been on the market for about 15 years, but not in Africa until now.

 It is important that you do not stop any treatment under your doctors care or augment that care with out first talking to him.

Boosting your glutathione helps in many ways. 

I believe the Desire of anyone living with sickle cell anaemia is to live a normal, like every other person, carrying out their normal daily activities without any pity party from colleagues, family and friends.

Most of all Love or Marry whoever they desire to without the issue of SS or AS theory. 


Now! You can change the way you live and experience Life free from PAINS...

Finally ...

I introduce to you the Long awaited Remedy for SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA.

100% safe I No side effect




 cellgevity the Glutathione Enhancer

Advanced RiboCeine Technology

RiboCeine is the foundation of Cellgevity because of how it effectively delivers cysteine.


Cellgevity™ gives your body the health and wellness support it deserves, by providing the breakthrough compound RiboCeine™ and 12 other scientifically proven synergistic ingredients to enhance the production of glutathione and its vital role in supporting;

  • cellular function,
  • removing harmful toxins, and
  • neutralizing free radical damage in the body 
  • protecting the cells, organs, and
  • tissues.

Backed by 25 years of research and 20 published and peer-reviewed scientific studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and other scientific institutions, RiboCeine™ was proven to significantly outperform all other means of glutathione enhancement, against which it was tested.

A – Antioxidant: Body’s premier neutralizer of all types of free radicals.
I – Immune System Enhancer: Protects and regulates immune cells.
D – Detoxifier: One of the primary ways the body eliminates toxic environmental chemicals


What is the Side Effect of Cellgevity?

The simple ANSWER is, there is NO side effect.


You may begin to wonder why you have not heard about this until now.

Scientist discovered Glutathione only 30 years ago and they were unable to come up with a Glutathione enhancer or solution that can help our body produce or make more Glutathione.

So much was not said about it because even if you knew about it, there wasn't so much one could do to naturally raise their glutathione levels.

Testimonials From Different people


  Testimony from Ghana


Jean Ambrois  

 My name is John Ambrose Dan-Dzide from Ghana.  I am 27 years old an accountant and a sickle cell patient with SS genotype.

I used to experience excruciating and unbearable pain.  

My crisis used be very frequent and very painful up to the point of even partial paralysis.

There were days during a crisis and I thought It was the end for me.  

There were nights when I couldn't sleep due to the severity of the crisis, during those moments I was partially paralyzed due to the pains from my spine, waist, and joints.  

There was a time when I spent close to three months in the hospital because of a recurring crisis.   I lost my well-paying job on a Global Fund-sponsored project as a result.

But all this pain is nothing compared to the pain of rejection and heartbreak I experienced when the mother of my ex-fiancee discovered that I was a sickle cell patient.

The stigma was unbearable.  

 I have experienced a total and complete transformation in my health for the past few years. I have not had a single crisis during this time and I can attribute it to a supplement called  CELLGEVITY.

 I encourage all my brothers and sisters with this condition of ours to take it with folic acid every day as it will keep them healthy and strong so that you can contribute your talents, skills, intellect, and uniqueness to making Nigeria, Africa and the world a better place for generations yet unborn.   

It worked for me and thousands of people here in Ghana I promise it will work for you too.  

Report · Nov 9, 2017
Bola Segun Odewade
Mr. John pls where can we get it in Nigeria.thanks

 · Report · Dec 5, 2017
Ademola Oluwaseyi Aderibigbe
Pls like aw many months will d crisis start affecting a baby

· Report · Jan 29
Aremo Hardehnugah Horluwaniphemy Horlayiworlah
Tanks for the information where can we buy it Lagos in Nigeria.

Report March 28
Owosso Kafayat Akanbi
Pls, where I can get it.


Another Testimony from Nigeria...

My name is Tanbari Femi Oluwole, I am a medical doctor and I have seen amazing things being done by this special Proven formula that was introduced to me by a colleague of mine.

 I am currently a GP in private practice and I have been practising for over 5 years now and in those 5 years I had seen different patients; adults, children, pregnant women, men and I have offered this special Proven formula to a number of those clients;

One of which was a 22-year-old sickle cell patient whose mother had come to see me that she (her daughter) kept having crisis while she was in school.

I offered her the same special  Proven formula, and I explained to her that oxidative stress can cause sickle cell crisis. She took the formula while she was in school and amazingly she didn't have any crisis throughout that semester.

That was just fantastic for me...

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