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Today I am sharing another fresh testimony from one of our client that used our product to Increase His Sexual Libido.

Good Morning and a happy new month to all everyone in the house.
It’s another beautiful Monday, the first day of the week and first Monday in the month of July.

Good morning.
My name is John Badmus (real name withheld).

My sexual performance was okay to a large extent- I could last up to 10 minutes (sometimes though… lol) on a normal session. I know how to control my performance to last up to 10mins if I choose to.

I only began to use this “supplement” because I wanted to make myself as a control experiment for my parents who I initially bought the “Supplement” for. Sorry, I had to remove the name of the supplement because they didn’t pay for advert… lol cheesy

So, I started using it twice a day as it’s prescribed on the pack.

But in the morning, I took it as early as 5:45 am when I normally take my one glass of water therapy before leaving the house for my office and I took it at night after dinner before I slept. Because my parents were at that time taking it twice daily as well.

I was on it for two months. But the result started showing only after three weeks. I just discovered that my libido had gone through the roof.
Also, I was staying much longer before I came out of cloud 9 if you get what I mean wink.

I suddenly began to notice my wife’s beauty like never before. She too began to get concerned because I kept commenting on her beauty anytime she passed by. My desire for her suddenly increased o shocked.

And while on it, she would wonder that even after 20mins I was yet to get there, you know na!!!

I was enjoying it sha o. I cannot lie smiley. Of course, I get her there first so she will not accuse me of selfishness and every two days I am ready again.

She is getting concerned o. I thought women wanted men that stay longer. My wife said mine has become too much…hahaha (this is somebody that used to complain that I was a 2-minute man ooo hahahaha)

All of this happened after two weeks when our dear consultant Sandra advised that my parents should increase their dosage. So, that meant I also had to increase mine, since I was the control experiment.

It was after one week of starting this new dosage, I noticed that my libido had suddenly skyrocketed.

I began to desire my wife as if we were not married or touched her before- I can’t explain the feeling properly. But we have been married for almost 12 years now with two children and, of course, I began to last beyond 15 mins per session.

Even if I tried to make it quicker, it was just enjoyment galore without coming out of cloud nine. My wife began to complain a bit when she noticed all this and was asking if I had discovered another way of extending my pleasure. I told her nooo.

But I later confessed to her, it was since I started using the “supplement” that I also discovered the changes. Even now, whenever she comes close to me in the living room, she is very careful not to arouse me, because mere touching her body with my hand, she knows that I will become hungry for her suddenly, and she does not have all the time for my desires ����

As for my parents, my mother now goes to the toilet regularly. Before she started using (the same supplement), her bowels used to be tight for as long as 3 days, which is not good for her age.

She informed me last Saturday that all her supplements have finished. So I am going to order another batch today.
Madam Sandra, I will call you later for more ooo.

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