Infertility; what is Infertility?

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It is the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy after unprotected sex for up to one year.

Do you know that:

 Infertility is estimated to affect as many as 186 million people worldwide, that is huge.

Approximately one in eight couples are affected by infertility in the United States. That’s about 6.7 million people each year who have trouble conceiving.

Another not so nice statistic says that for every 100 fertile 30-year-old women trying to get pregnant in one cycle,

20 will be successful and the other 80 will have to try again.


If she is 35 or older, the evaluation should begin after 6 months of trying unsuccessfully to conceive,  If a couple has an obvious medical problem affecting their ability to conceive, such as absence of periods, sexual dysfunction, a history of pelvic disease, or prior surgery, they should begin the infertility evaluation immediately.

Don’t think is mainly a woman’s problem sorry to burst your bubbles it’s not;

Fertility experts agree that, on average, 30% of the cases of infertility they see can be attributed solely to the female, 30% solely to the male, 30% a combination of both partners, and in 10% of cases the cause is unknown.

We will talk more on this topic Infertility on our next post, so be on the lookout for it because it is going to be informative and interactive.




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