What Is The Heart?

The Heart

What Is The Heart?

According to wikipedia.com. The heart is a muscular organ in most animals,

which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

Blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients, as well as assists in the removal of metabolic wastes.

In humans, the heart is located between the lungs, in the middle compartment of the chest.

Good day everyone.

I am very pleased to be alive and healthy knowing my heart is well nourished and taking care of properly.

like the saying goes; knowledge is Power!!!

I am also very pleased talking to everyone that will read this post and listen to the podcast because;

It’s going to be information packed I promise you…

The reason for this Heart series is to create more awareness of the alarming rise of Heart-related issues.

The statistics are scary… We will soon get to that.

I like to describe the Heart as a pumping machine;

Imagine this scenario;

You live in an apartment  8 flats and just one pimping machine pumps water for everyone.

What do you think will happen?

Guess your answer is same as mine- the machine will need frequent replacement but unfortunately, the Heart can’t afford that.

The Heart is the centre of our lives and we have been giving our hearts more work than it can carry unknowingly.

Facts about the Heart:


Let’s end it here today. In our next post, we will continue our exposition of the heart.

Take care.

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